Advanced Breast Cancer

Standard of care testing for BRCA1/2, ERBB2 (HER2), MSI, ESR1, NTRK1/2/3, and PIK3CA.

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Advanced breast cancer pre-treatment imaging.

Pre-treatment imaging

Advanced breast cancer post-treatment imaging.

Post-treatment imaging
*Representative patient images

Patient Case

Clinical presentation
  • 56-year-old female previously treated for early-stage breast cancer
  • Patient was ER+/HER2-
  • Upon metastatic progression, she was put on CDK4/6 inhibitor (IBRANCE®)
  • After 10 months of therapy, the patient showed signs of clinical progression via CT scan
  • Patient had no prior genomic testing
  • Oncologist ordered Guardant360® to receive guideline-recommended results within 7 days-
  • The patient was found to have an activating PIK3CA mutation
  • Oncologist started the patient on a PI3K inhibitor with a partial response that lasted more than 9 months

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