Advanced CRC

Standard of care in CRC requires testing for BRAF, ERBB2 (HER2), KRAS, MSI, NRAS, and NTRK.

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Pre-treatment imaging

Post-treatment imaging
*Representative patient images

Patient Case

Clinical presentation
  • 63-year-old male referred to a large cancer center after metastases appeared
  • No previous genomic testing
  • Oncologist ordered Guardant360® LDT to receive guideline-recommended results within 7 days while locating archival tissue sample
  • Guardant360 found a KRAS exon 4 mutation
  • Oncologist excluded anti-EGFR therapy from the patient’s treatment plan
  • The patient was put on FOLFOX + anti-VEGF therapy and has had a strong response for more than 6 months

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