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Easily integrate Guardant360® CDx

Comprehensive Support
Getting Guardant360 CDx is easy. Just fill out our request form, and we’ll contact your office to get started.
Guardant360 CDx has Medicare coverage for all advanced solid tumors.
Test results are delivered in an easy-to-interpret report, complete with patient-specific treatment recommendations and clinical trial eligibility.
The mobile phlebotomy service reduces the need for patients to come into your practice, making sample collection easier and safer for you and your patients.
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Guardant Portal

By allowing for easy access to your patients’ results and support services, the Guardant Portal provides everything you need for informed treatment planning.
  • End-to-end support to manage billing
  • On-call clinical support for healthcare providers and staff, including direct access to genomic specialists in Medical Affairs
Patient Education and Access
Educate your patients about Guardant360 CDx with this informational video.
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Our Patient Brochure is a great resource to give patients starting Guardant360 CDx.
We handle billing so you can stay focused on your patients. Guardant Access ensures that your patients’ billing needs and questions are taken care of.