Blood-First, TissueNext
Streamlined Biomarker Testing

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The Guardant360® portfolio of comprehensive genomic profiling tests for advanced cancer patients now includes a tissue-based test, Guardant360 TissueNext™, for those instances when a blood test does not identify an actionable biomarker.
Our Blood-First, TissueNext approach streamlines biomarker testing with the efficiency of a single lab.

An integrated Blood-First, TissueNext approach to comprehensive genomic profiling identifies more patients — faster

Two prospective studies found that identifying more patients with actionable biomarkers requires both blood- and tissue-based testing, and that leading with Blood-First was most efficient.1,2

Of the roughly half of newly diagnosed advanced NSCLC patients with actionable biomarkers:4

Comprehensive genomic profiling for all solid tumors

Guardant360 TissueNext:

  • Analytically validated
  • Covers clinically relevant alterations, including TMB, MSI status, coverage of NTRK1/2/3 fusions, and HRR genes
  • 10-day turnaround time from sample receipt to results
  • PD-L1 testing available for order

Order Guardant360 CDx and Guardant360 TissueNext at the same time for the most efficient way to identify more actionable biomarkers5

Guardant Access Program

  • Patient contacted if OOP for genomic tests > $100
  • Financial assistance offered if eligible
  • Patient may cancel test if financially burdened
*TissueNext testing algorithm is based on FDA-approved therapies and professional guidelines. When TissueNext is ordered and no actionable biomarker is identified with Guardant360 CDx, Guardant360 TissueNext will be run and reported when originally requested by the ordering provider.
**If ordered, PD-L1 results will be delivered as soon as they are ready regardless of findings on Guardant360 CDx. Tissue turnaround time is dependent on specimen retrieval from pathology.

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