How do you treat at the speed of cancer?

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Guardant360® CDx is the first FDA-approved comprehensive liquid biopsy for all advanced solid tumors


Blood-First, TissueNext

The Most Efficient Approach to Comprehensive Genomic Profiling

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KRAS G12C Now Actionable With New FDA-Approved Therapy

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FDA Approval

Guideline-complete genomic profiling, including KRAS G12C, in 7 days

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Get essential answers before initiating treatment.

Learn how liquid biopsy has changed the treatment paradigm.

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Dr. Nicolas Rohs |
Thoracic Medical Oncologist Mount Sinai Medical Center

Guardant360 CDx is:

FDA Approved.

First FDA-approved comprehensive liquid biopsy

7-Day Turnaround Time.

Complete genomic results in 7 days

Covered by Medicare.

Medicare-covered for all solid tumors, regardless of tissue availability

Seamlessly integrate Guardant360 CDx into your practice.

Comprehensive support and educational resources for you and your patients.

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Featured Publications


Key Findings

  • In the NSCLC cohort, 32.2% (19 patients) had a confirmed objective response (complete or partial response) and 88.1% (52 patients) had disease control (objective response or stable disease).
  • The median progression-free survival was 6.3 months.

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Key Findings24

  • Concordance between Guardant360 and tissue testing was greater than 90% for the four biomarkers with FDA-approved therapies
  • Guideline-recommended biomarker testing was completed for 95% of patients with Guardant360 vs. 31% with standard-of-care tissue testing
  • Turnaround time was ~1 week faster with Guardant360 vs. SOC tissue testing

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Key Findings25

  • 44% of eligible patients were unable to get complete genomic results from tissue biopsy
  • 2x as many patients had targetable alterations detected by Guardant360 and tissue testing (n=82) versus tissue testing alone (n=47)
  • 86% of patients had a response or stable disease based on RECIST criteria

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Key Findings19

  • Guardant360 detects guideline-complete alterations in advanced NSCLC patients, including MET exon 14 skipping alterations
  • ORR and DCR equivalent in Guardant360 and tissue biopsy groups in the VISION trial MET exon 14 skipping NSCLC cohort

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Key Findings26

  • The demands on tissue specimens from diagnostic stains and PD-L1 testing may leave little remaining for genomic profiling
  • Gaps in genomic biomarker testing can be overcome with new technologies

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Key Findings27

  • Comprehensive ctDNA testing can effectively guide therapy selection
  • Response rates to therapy selected based on Guardant360 results were consistent with those in tissue-based targeted therapy studies

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